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SEND Information Report

2023 – 2024




   Our School                                             




Our School Vision   

Cheswick Green Primary School is a caring, happy, safe and stimulating environment. The school promotes not only the very best inclusive education but also values the social, physical and moral development of each individual child.

We want only the very best for all, in all we do, all of the time.


November 2024 Information


Cheswick Green currently has 254 children on role (November 2023)

There are currently 42 children on SEND register with a range of needs from universal to specialist.  (16.5%)

13 children (31%) have a diagnosis of need, that can be accommodated through quality first teaching (universal needs)

14 children (33%) have a diagnosis of need that requires targeted interventions through QFT and support planned by CT. (targeted need)

15 children (36%) have a significant and complex need that requires support over and above in class provision. (specialist need)

9 children that have an EHCP (3.6%) and 8 children have a My Support Provision Plan (15%)

 Meet our SENDCO

The SENDCO is Mrs Gilham


If you would like to contact Mrs Gilham, please call school on 01564 703336 or email s14jgilham@cheswick-green.solihull.sch.uk .


 Special Educational Needs



Cognition and Learning




Communication and Interaction




Social, Emotional and Mental Health




Sensory and Physical



and Assessing Need

At Cheswick Green we work closely as a team and if staff have a concern about a child, they fill in a Record of Concern form and discuss concerns with parents.  A child will then be placed on the monitoring register and we begin to follow the Graduated Response approach of ‘Assess, Plan, Do and Review’.

After a period of 6 – 8 weeks we will decide if a child needs to be placed on the SEND register and invite you in for a meeting, where we will share the targets your child is working on and the support they are receiving. 

Some children will be monitored using the Birmingham Audit Continuum, this allows the children who are working at below key stage standards to have small step targets set in lessons to allow them to achieve and begin to work independently.

Some children may require more support than is ordinarily available and we may ask outside agencies to support us in ensuring that we are offering the best support we can.

Staff can access the Need Guides to help support children’s learning within the classroom.


 Our approach to teaching children with SEND

We are an inclusive school.  Wherever possible children are taught alongside their peers in flexible teaching groups. 

Teachers adapt their high-quality teaching to cater for their pupils’ needs and plan individual timetables where necessary. When appropriate, staff are deployed to give children additional interventions in small groups outside the classroom, or to provide one-to-one support.

We use the EEF guidance ‘Five-a-day’ and embed the key principles into all our lessons.




 Curriculum adaptations







 Visual   timetables

 Task boards

      Peer mentoring




 Assistive technology

 Talk partners

 Peer marking





 Word banks

 Positive  behaviour



 Ear defenders


 Explicit  instruction



We use a range of strategies across our lessons to ensure we offer an inclusive approach to learning and allow all children to access the classroom environment.

We also seek advice and equipment from outside agencies as and when the need arises.

 Parent Consultations


At Cheswick Green Primary School we work closely with parents and carers and recognise that they have much to contribute to our support for children with SEND.

We hold  Personal Learning Profile (PLP) reviews every term and Mrs Gilham is available at parents’ evenings to discuss any concerns.

We also hold half-termly coffee mornings/afternoons where parents can meet up and support each other in a safe environment.  During these sessions we gather parent feedback on SEN provision at Cheswick Green, direct to training courses and support groups and offer opportunities to meet up with outside agencies.

For children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan, My Support Plan or require specialist support (over and above what is ordinarily available) we will invite you in for 3 further meetings a year in the Autumn, Spring and Summer term.  These meeting are used to celebrate your child’s learning, looking at the progress they have made against the targets set, create new targets and discuss next steps.  A copy of this will always be sent home after the meetings. An annual review is held once a year where any amendments to the plan are made together as a collaborative team.

During the year a parental questionnaire is sent out to gain views on the school and the SEND provision.


 Child Consultations

Pupil’s views are very important; they have a right to be involved in decisions about their education and they are made aware of the support that surrounds them in school.

Children are fully involved and their views feed directly into all policies, procedures and daily teaching of children with SEND. 

Before PLP reviews each child has the opportunity to sit with an adult to fill in a Child’s Views form, giving them the chance to explain what they think they do well, what they would like more help with, what helps them and how they feel at different points of the day.


Pupils are given regular opportunities to:

Self- assess how they are doing      

ttend meetings and help decide the support needed   

Feedback and Review progress / interventions   

 Evaluating Provision

Review progress in SLT meetings and discussing next steps.

Discuss and share ideas in staff meetings to ensure up to date research and policy is in place.

Reviewing children’ individual progress towards their goals at regular intervals, as a minimum every term.

Establishing children’s baseline before receiving interventions and reviewing the impact of interventions at regular intervals.

Asking our children if they feel the adjustment or intervention is helpful and makes a difference.

Monitoring by the SENDCO.

Regularly using a tracking tool to update targets and measure progress.

Holding termly reviews for children who are on Education Health and Care Plans, Personal Learning Profiles and those requiring specialist support.

Holding annual reviews for children with Education Health Care Plans.

Staff Training

At Cheswick Green Primary School, we believe in professional development and aim to ensure all our staff have the understanding they need to enable them to support your child.

When a new member of staff joins the school, we ensure they understand the systems within school and they are given information about the children they are working with.

The Senior Leadership Team within school are constantly moderating needs within the school and, where an area of concern is highlighted, whole school training could be organised to ensure all staff understand specific learning difficulties and appropriate teaching or support strategies that could be utilised.

If your child needs specialist support from an outside agency, such as the Speech and Language Service (SALT), Educational Psychologist (EP), Specialist Inclusion Support Service (SISS), Occupational Therapist (OT) or school nurse, we will always discuss this with you first.

Some of our staff have completed training in the following areas:






 Play Therapy

 Lego Therapy

 Early Years

 Calming time







 Autism (Level 1)

 Makaton – Level 1

 Phonics  (catch-up)

 Team Teach



 Specific Learning Difficulties

 Complex Needs training

 Nurture     support

 Speech and Language




 De escalation


 Reading for those who struggle

 Sensory needs


 Transition Support



Nursery to Reception

We hold a parent and carer session in the summer term for our new reception starters, providing parents with the opportunity to meet with the class teacher and SENCO. 

We hold two ‘taster’ sessions follow in the second half of the summer term in preparation for their September start.

Transition to Reception, and then into each successive year-group, is supported by meetings, information leaflets and taster sessions in each new class.


End of Year transition

When children move up a year, we provide transition books which include photos of the teacher, TA and classroom environment.

We hold transition sessions during the summer term allowing the children to go up to their new classroom and meet their teacher. 

Some children may require extra transition visits to their new classroom to help reduce their anxiety and ensure that the transition is successful and positive. Some children are given the opportunity to visit their new classroom on the September INSET day.

Class teachers and TAs meet with each other during the summer term to discuss the needs of the children and share Personal Learning Profiles.


Secondary Transition

We liaise very closely with our partner schools to ensure that the transition from primary school to the secondary school is as smooth as possible.


Mid-Year new starters

When we are aware that pupils joining us from other settings have identified special educational needs, we arrange a meeting with the family to enable us to gain a greater understanding on the support we need to put in place.

 Outside Agencies

We work with the following agencies to provide support for children with SEND:

Specialist Inclusion Support Service (SISS), with teams:


             Social, Emotional and Mental Health

             Physical and Sensory Needs/Impairments

             Speech, Language and Communication Disorders

             Communication and Learning Difficulties

Specialist Assessment Service,

Community Educational Psychology Service,

Occupational Therapy,

Speech and Language Therapy (NHS and Independent),


Community Paediatrics,

Inclusion Service,

Ordinary Magic,


We will ask your permission before we arrange for any outside agencies to come in and work with your child.  Once the feedback has been received we will call you in for a meeting to share the advice.

 Clubs and Trips

All our extra-curricular activities and school visits are available to all our children, including our before-and after-school clubs.

All children are encouraged to go on our trips such as residentials and day trips.

All children are encouraged to take part in sports day, school competitions, school assemblies and performances, workshops, etc.  

All children are encouraged to apply for roles of responsibility in school e.g. school council, Peer Listeners, prefects etc. 

No child is ever excluded from taking part in these activities because of their SEN or disability.

Please read the school’s accessibility plan for further information about the steps we have taken to prevent disabled children from being treated less favourably than other children and the arrangements we have made to help children with SEND access our school.

 Complaint Procedure


Your first point of contact is your child’s class teacher and/or phase leader.

If you are not satisfied that your concern has been addressed, then you may make an appointment to speak to the Assistant Heads. If they cannot solve your issue, then an appointment can be made to speak to the Headteacher.

If you are not happy with the response, then you may contact the governors through the school office.

Debbie Smith – Chair of Governors

Lynda Choonpicharn – SEND Governor

 Solihull Local Offer

The Solihull Local Authority Local Offer can be found at



0121 516 5173

Community Paediatrics

0121 746 4476

School Nursing

0121 770 1919

Paediatric Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy,

Speech & Language Therapy and Specialist

Assessment Service

0121 722 8010

EHC Service, SISS and Educational Psychology

0121 704 6690

Children’s Services

0121 788 4300


0121 301 2750


“CG has always worked with us as parents in supporting our son to ensure everyone is on the same page and if we ever come across difficulties or need some advice they have always been quick to approach the right supporting parties. We couldn’t be happier with the one to one support we have received within the school”.

“It is great to see how school put everything in place and how hard you all work for your SEND pupils. You are real trailblazers!”

“You are one of the most inclusive schools in the borough. You go above and beyond”.

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