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All about Chimps


Cheswick Chimps is an Ofsted registered childcare provider within Cheswick Green Primary School with a team of experienced staff. Cheswick Chimps is the name of our Before School/Breakfast Club, Play group, Wrap-around and After School provision.

 Once all forms have been completed for the provision you have selected for your child, and handed into (or returned by email to the school office, and only when children have been accepted for a place at any of the Chimps provisions, a Parentpay login (school payment system) will be given. Vouchers schemes and other government schemes are also accepted. School policies for Behaviour etc apply in all Chimps facilities. (All school policies are available to read on the school website).



         Michelle Sheldon

            Playgroup and                         Wraparound

       Lauren Church


        Patricia Leitch 



          Jack Smith

 Before and After School 


           Lucie Tyler

  Before and After School





9.00 am - 12 noon for children aged 2/3

Children arrive at 9.00 am.  With the help of staff, they self-register using their name card with a picture, which is replicated on their own coat peg and bag.

The children have an opportunity to explore the indoor environment which is set up daily to reflect the weekly planning and the interests of the individual children attending that day.

At approximately 9.15 am we have group time on the carpet. We sing our welcome song using the first name of each child and our days of the week song. We see which colour bus we are on that day, the children present have a named " ticket " to go on the bus. We count the tickets, introduce the staff, then identify the number of "tickets" on the number charts on the wall. We sing number songs to encourage early mathematics skills. We often talk about the weather, or what we have had for breakfast etc to encourage children to have the confidence to take turns to talk in a group situation.

The children then play independently or take part in a focused activity with a member of staff,  based on the weekly planning. This usually includes painting, playdough, sticking, sorting etc.

Weather permitting, we then have an outdoor play session, in our enclosed outdoor area. We have bicycles, cars, prams, seesaws etc, along with playhouses,  role play kitchen, a climbing frame, sand and water play , mud kitchen etc . During the morning children are offered a healthy snack of a piece of fruit, water and milk are also available. You may wish to send in a drink for your child in a clearly named bottle. No food should be sent into school. 

At the end of the session at approximately 11.30 am we put away the toys and have carpet time.  This is an opportunity to reflect on our morning. We have nursery rhymes, a story and usually sing and dance to counting songs on the white board.

At 11. 55 am the children collect their coats and bags from their pegs and prepare to go home.  We sing our leaving song.

During the morning toilet trained children are reminded to use the toilet, staff are always available to help, and nappies / pullups are changed. Please ensure that your child's bag has nappies / pullups wipes, changes of clothes as necessary for your child. Please be sure that bags/coats/drinks are all clearly named,

The session ends at 12 noon. Children are taken to the gate individually by staff. 

The charge for the session is £13.70, which includes drink/snack.



12 noon to 3.00 pm for children aged 3/4 years.

A choice of a school lunch can be booked  for a cost of £2.15 or your child may bring a packed lunch in a clearly named lunch box (NO FOOD ITEMS CONTAINING NUTS SHOULD BE BROUGHT INTO SCHOOL).  After lunch the children are taken from the dining hall by staff to register in the classroom, they count and find the correct number of children present on the number line, this encourages further their early mathematics skills.  Afterwards, weather permitting, there is a session of outdoors play in the secure playground until 1.30 pm.  The children then have group time indoors, this involves a chat about the week's learning theme. We may also have a story at this time.  

After the group time, the children can play independently indoors with any other toys which have been set out for them by staff.  There will also be a focussed activity with a member of staff based on the week's theme, this may involve painting, colouring , sticking, cutting etc.

During the afternoon there is an opportunity for a healthy fruit snack, and a drink of water or milk.

At approximately 2.50 pm, the children have group time again, they may listen to story.

Children are collected at either 3.00 pm or 3.30 pm (some stay on for after school club).  If your child is staying for the after-school club, they will be taken there by a member of staff.



All children are entitled to 15 hours of free Nursery education from the beginning of the term following their third birthday. Some children will be eligible for an additional 15 hours of early education funding. These are offered from 12.00 pm -3.00 pm and are only applicable for children who are eligible. Please ask for further information about this or visit http://www.solihull.gov.uk/Resident/children/childcare/earlyeducation3-4yearolds              

In Solihull, there is funding for two year olds to have 15 hours per week free (dependent on parents finances). These are offered from 9.00 am -12.00 pm and are only applicable for children who are eligible. Please ask for further information about this or visit www.solihull.gov.uk  where you are able to apply for the funding.

Charges are:

3.00 pm – 3.30pm £2.75

Please see  forms below to be completed and returned before any child is accepted to attend any of the above sessions.

If you wish to arrange a visit please contact the school office or email s14sstephens@cheswick-green.solihull.sch.uk



This provision opens at 7.30 am for children F1 -Year 6

A breakfast/ light snack of healthy food, including cereals, toast with milk and water is available. A variety of activities are set out for children in the school hall, and when the weather allows free flow into the secure outdoor play area adjacent to the school hall. Breakfast is not served after 8:30am.

The charges are:

7.30 - 8.50 am £6.50

8.30 - 8.50  am £3.25

At 8.50 am children are taken to their classrooms by staff.



For children F1 to Year 6

Children booked into the after-school club are taken from their classrooms by a member of staff at 3.30 pm. Children are registered on arrival at the after-school club.

After-school club activities are inside and outside play (weather permitting) with free flow. Indoor activities include board games, puzzles, crafting activities, a selection of toys.

During the session a healthy snack is available, which usually includes cheese and crackers, a sandwich

The charges are:

3.30 pm - 4.30 pm   £6.50

3.30 pm - 5.00 pm   £9.00

3.30 pm - 6.00 pm  £10.50

Forms  (Please click on title to access form)

Playgroup Pack

Before and After School Pack

Nursery Booking Form

Wrap Around Pack/docs/Wrap_Around__electronic_pack.docx

30 hour Validation Form

Pupil Information Sheet

Chimps 30 hour Funding Booking Form