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Cheswick GreenPrimary School

Cheswick Buddies


Our Cheswick Buddy system helps our children feel valued and supported, it teaches important social skills and creates a caring ethos in the school. Cheswick Buddies gives our children the opportunity to practise, our British values of respect, care, valuing difference, responsibility, and friendship.

By looking after and caring for our younger children, the older children learn the skills associated with empathy and compassion through activities in the classroom and in the playground. 

Cheswick Buddies enables younger children to feel safe and cared for while older children feel valued and respected.

Cheswick Buddies meet up each half term to carry out activities together such as paired reading, playing games, completing ICT games or sharing mathematical activities. These activities are completed both in and out of curriculum time.

Our Buddy system:

  • assists the transition from Foundation Stage through to  Key Stage 2
  • develops positive cross-age relationships 
  • provides opportunities for peer tutoring 
  • contributes to a positive and caring school culture 
  • contributes to more positive behaviour by providing positive role models 
  • develops pro-social values and skills
  • develops responsibility 
  • builds self-confidence 
  • develops empathy 
  • promotes inclusion 
  • discourages bullying