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Cheswick GreenPrimary School

Our School Council


Vision Statement


Our vision for the children at Cheswick Green Primary School is to have a voice in all aspects of the future development and improvement of our school. 


The School Council is a group of students elected by their class peers from years 2 – 6 (with year 1 joining the council in the summer term).  These students gather the views of all pupils through class council meetings. The council discuss matters about their learning and school life and contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the school.  The school council invites other members of the school community to meetings including the Headteacher, and representatives from the Staff, Governors and Parents to ascertain their views on matters arising.  

Cheswick Green Primary School believes that children have unique perspectives on learning, teaching and all aspects of school life. We actively encourage students to think about how to enact their understanding of human rights and responsibilities in practical ways. It provides experience of debating and negotiating issues and enables them to see the 'bigger picture' of how the whole school is run.


The Role of the School Councillors


The role of the School Councillors is to:

  • Listen to the views of their class and represent these ideas and views during school council meetings.
  • Feedback key issues from these meetings to their class.




School councillors aim to meet at least twice a half term to work on current projects and discuss key issues.


School Council Meeting Organisation

It is the aim of the school that the meetings should be run and led by the pupils (School Councillors) with the teacher representative (Mrs Mitchell) involved mainly for guidance. During the first meeting of the council, the Chair and Vice Chairperson are elected to their roles. 

 Chair Person – leads the meetings and helps set the agenda through gaining feedback from the other representatives on issues that have been raised by their year group. ·

Vice Chair Person – will assist the Chair Person and ensures that all of the representatives carry out their roles effectively. They will also run the meeting in the absence of the Chair Person. ·