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Cheswick GreenPrimary School

Life Ready


We want our pupils to:

  • Respect themselves, respect others, respect all property, and respect their community and the World around them.
  • Have a positive attitude that encourages self-belief and confidence
  • Achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Respond to challenges and seize new experiences whole–heartedly.
  • Take an active lead in their own learning and development throughout their life.
  • Develop the spirit of enquiry leading to life-long learning.



We want to inspire children about their futures by increasing their awareness and encounters with different careers and workplace environments.

It is important to start early to ensure that school leavers have the skills, knowledge and dynamism so they fulfil their full potential, meet the neds of employers and contribute to the economic growth of Solihull.



At Cheswick Green Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that all of our pupils gain the Essential Skills they need and become familiar with a wide range of career and financial opportunities - that inspire them, raise their aspirations and eliminate gender stereotypes - so that they are ready for their next steps and future opportunities. The aim of our Life Ready curriculum is to ensure all our pupils:

  • Are provided with the information needed to explore future options in the world of education, training and employment.
  • Have the opportunity to explore stereotyping in careers and understand the wide range of options available to each and every person.
  • Have meaningful encounters and the information they need to allow them to make decisions about their own futures. Encounters may be with employers, further and higher education providers, apprentices, visitors to school, educational visits out of school and collaborative projects.
  • Develop Essential Skills so they are prepared for their future education, training and work.
  • Build a sound understanding of financial responsibility and personal choice.
  • Have a secure sense of money management both now and in their future.
  • Experience enterprise opportunities.


Essential Skills are those Skills that are absolutely necessary to succeed in all aspects of life. It has never been more important to build a set of Essential Skills.

Essential Skills are defined as:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Staying positive
  • Aiming high
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

Developing Essential Skills ensures that although pupils’ career choices may change - that they have built a set of transferable skills that will enable future ambitions.



At Cheswick Green Primary School, each half term pupils are given the opportunity to undertake Life Ready experiences such as role playing different jobs, school visitors and Primary Future Careers sessions. All pupils have an opportunity to gain a good sense of money management through our integrated and discrete teaching of finance. This includes enterprise opportunities, MoneySense workshops, Maths lessons, financial board games, story books and PSHE discussions. Our status as a Beacon School of Finance supports us in this endeavour. Each class follows a curriculum map for Life Ready and Finance as they move through the year. Our Forest School sessions also allow pupils to gain confidence and transfer these valuable life skills.


The following outcomes are the result of our provision in Life Ready:

  • An inclusive curriculum which meets the needs of all learners;
  • Children who are equipped with knowledge to explore future options in the world of education, training and employment.
  • Understand stereotyping in the world of employment and equal rights.
  • Confident young adults who enjoy learning and exploring about the world of work and money;
  • A curriculum which provides pupils with a good understanding of financial responsibility both now and in the future;
  • Have a clear understanding of money management which will stand them in good stead for their future;
  • Pupils who are willing to take risks and tackle problems with increasing accuracy;
  • Staff who are enthusiastic in their approach to teaching and learning about careers and money;
  • A curriculum which equips pupils for the next phase of their education and beyond;
  • A curriculum which integrates the world of work, preparing pupils for the wider world of employment;
  • Pupils who are able to make links between all areas of the curriculum, ask thoughtful questions and conjecture answers;
  • Pupils who are confident speakers and have experience of formal processes such as interviews;
  • Pupils who have experienced meaningful encounters and the information they need to allow them to make decisions about their own futures;
  • Pupils who can motivate and inspire each other;
  • A body of staff who are continuously evolving and improving to meet the needs of pupils as they move through the school;
  • A governing body who are clear about what the Life Ready teaching and learning provision looks like within the school.



All year groups at Cheswick Green aim to create a classroom environment where all students can thrive together. The Life Ready curriculum is carefully planned and adapted to ensure that all pupils make progress, regardless of race, gender, class or ability. Where children have a physical disability or have SEND, we aim to provide resources and experiences which will support their learning, ensuring all students have equal access to opportunities and participation. Throughout our Life Ready curriculum, we ensure that learning materials do not discriminate against anyone and are adapted where necessary. Examples include: large print, coloured overlays/paper, an ipad/laptop, talking tins or an adult to support.


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