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Cheswick GreenPrimary School

Our School Improvement

Plan for 2022 - 2023


 The information which follows sets out our plans for improvement in the four priority areas

1. Quality of Education


2. Behaviour and Attitudes


3. Personal Development


4. Leadership and Management


In addition there are a further six focus areas 










Quality of Education

- To ensure that the school’s curriculum intent implementation and impact statements are embedded consistently across the school so that work is of a consistently high quality and impact is high. There should be a clear progression of skills and content within all subjects.

- Work on developing our curriculum with a priority on embedding the school’s new schemes including Phonics, Reading Maths, PE and Art and DT and continuing development of Charanga Music.

- To raise the profile of Reading in the school to ensure that reading is a priority and is very visible around the school and on the school website.

-To ensure planning across the school is consistent in its approach and it is saved consistently to support work in future years

- Raise combined attainment and progress outcomes for pupils across all phases (ELG, KS1 and KS2) so that they are above national comparatives – Specific focus on recovering learning for specific groups of children where gaps have been identified in terms of lost learning during the last two years. This to be achieved through tight well monitored interventions.

-Relevant and meaningful targets set for pupils in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and these monitored at termly Progress meetings.

- Assessment processes are strengthened and embedded and our effective feedback policy consistently responds to needs of the children.

- More-able gifted and talented pupils are appropriately challenged in all curriculum areas.



Behaviour and Attitudes

-Improve the attendance of our pupils and particularly lower the percentage of unauthorised absences (mainly caused by holidays) Review Attendance Policy with support from CSAWs. Re-introduction of incentives for pupils regarding attendance.

- Pupils consistently have highly positive attitudes and have a good level of commitment to their education.

- Increase the resilience of our pupils in all aspects of school life because it has dropped considerably in the last two years.

- Continue to develop our Behaviour Policy and our positive behaviour strategies towards a more relational approach.

- - To provide options and choices for children during playtimes such as Chill Out Zones.

- To establish the School Council with representatives from all of the school community.



Personal Development

-Ensure the Social, Emotional and Mental health of our pupils and staff is a high priority for all and this is carefully monitored to meet the needs of individuals, groups, families and staff.

-Introduction of regular online Well – Being surveys for staff, pupils and parents. Measure changes in responses.

-To check responses to HRBQ surveys completed during summer 2022 and act on any issues highlighted

-Ensure all our pupils have access to a wide and rich set of experiences which support the development of their range of talents and interests. This to include trying to maintain a range of after school clubs during the period of the build to support and develop interests.

-Our Curriculum is carefully planned such that it creates a range of rich experiences that includes visits and visitors into school and Parent Share Events.

-To reintroduce the buddy system in school with cross class / year group activities so older pupils support and befriend younger pupils.



Leadership and Management


-School Leaders are united by a common purpose of improvement and share a clear and ambitious vision for the school

-There is a school focus on improving the quality of education in order to ensure a consistently strong quality of curriculum provision, teaching & learning delivery & assessment related outcomes.

-School Leaders ensure that all staff receive focused and effective professional development from a range of sources.

-School Leaders work effectively to engage staff. They take account of staff workload, making changes and adaptations to practice where necessary, and ensure engagement opportunities are focused and purposeful.

-Governors are robust and rigorous in ensuring a strategic and sustained approach to school improvement by holding leaders to account for the quality of education.

-There continues to be a strong safeguarding culture in the school and the school is proactive in fulfilling its statutory duties









Management of the build and expansion of the school

-The expansion of the school to two form entry with the majority of the build taking place during the school year 2022 – 2023 will have the potential to cause disruption to learning if not managed correctly. This disruption needs to be minimised as much as possible through careful planning. High levels of communication will be necessary between the project team, contractors and school to achieve this.

-There will be displacement of classes from their learning bases at the start and during the year. This will need careful planning.

-Some outside areas will not be accessible for outdoor learning although the Forest School should be accessible throughout.

-Additional areas for group work within the school building will be minimised as nearly every space available is utilised for classes.

-Some learning areas will not be accessible such as Cookery Area, Creative Arts Studio and ICT Suite so alternatives for the areas of the curriculum that have used the spaces need to be found e.g. Computing


Curriculum knowledge of Early Years and beyond

-Whilst the overall development of our curriculum throughout the school is included within Priority 1 above it is also important that all teaching staff in school increase their awareness of the progression of the Early Years Curriculum and beyond and how this lays the foundation for every area of curriculum study throughout the school. Curriculum co-ordinators in particular need to have increased awareness of their subject throughout the whole school

-Therefore time needs to be found for co-ordinators to spend time seeing how their subject is taught throughout the and having first-hand experience through observations and discussions.



SEND provision

-To continue to Improve the understanding of all staff of SEND. This to include work to streamline paperwork and strengthen systems to monitor the progress of SEND pupils and development of Provision Mapping

-Due to the build taking place there will be additional pressure regarding the provision of SEND in the school this includes:

-Minimum of space outside of the classroom for interventions to take place.

-Lack of breakout space for children with high level needs.

-Additional disruption caused by having to move from familiar places and caused by noise from building contractors.

These along with other disruptions will need to be managed for some pupils on an individual basis and in partnership with external professionals and parents.



Chimps Extended School Provision


-Chimps provision for Before and After School Club, Playgroup and Wraparound will all need to move into the main school from September. There will be implications from this move as this provision means space in the school is used such as the hall and Foundation Unit. There will need to be new procedures and routines put in place for pick up and drop off of children and ongoing communication with parents about changes will be vital.

-Classes and clubs usually using these spaces before or after school will be unable to do so until the build is completed.so we will need to consider alternatives and other options to try to continue to offer a range of activities for our pupils.




Community links

-During the lockdown periods links with parents in particular were changed and it was challenging. The school has worked hard during the last year to rebuild these links and it is important that these efforts continue during the coming year with the continued return of activities such as:

-Parents Evenings in person rather than virtual whenever possible

-Parent Share Events for all ages so parents can come and work with their child in school.

-Curriculum Workshops for parents to learn more about changes in our curriculum and how this impacts their child.

-Range of PTA events for children and families



To ensure the general organisational systems within the school work efficiently for all members of staff.


-A lot of work was done to improve general organisational systems within the school during the last year particularly for stock, supplies and photocopying last year. With the build taking place and a change in office staff it will be important to ensure that this is maintained and continues to be improved where possible.

-All staff in the school will need to recognise their personal responsibility for keeping resources tidy and in their correct space because there will be far less space for storage.

-This should include creating a forward planning diary (actual and electronic) that can be accessed and contributed to by all members of staff. This has previously not been embedded despite efforts over two years.

-Basic stock should be closely monitored to ensure that it does not run out and cause issues.

- Maintenance of the photocopier needs to be managed so teaching staff are not left without a means to prepare work.