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Our School Improvement Plan for 2017 - 2018



Raising Attainment and Pupil progress

1 To embed the grammar tool kit within the school and ensure pupils have the opportunity to demonstrate their grammatical knowledge through their writing.

2 To review and strengthen the planning of English to ensure a broad range of creative and purposeful units of work linked to Cornerstones topics.

3 To continue to develop the teaching of mathematics throughout the school to secure better progress for all pupils and ensure appropriate challenge at all levels.

4 To continue to work with parents and carers so they are able to support the progress of their child and so that they have a clear understanding of what their child needs to work on to secure year group expectations.

5 To develop progress meeting discussions to ensure a robust evidence base. This to include dissemination or inclusion of the SENDCO and relevant teaching support staff in the meetings.

6 To continue to work to achieve the government percentage targets for Secondary Ready.

7 To ensure all our pupils are fully prepared for NC testing. 


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

1 To develop the use of the OTrack assessment tool so that it fully supports teaching and learning in all curriculum areas. This to include Science and the Foundation subjects.

2 To continue to develop the use of success criteria and the 3 star approach in all lessons to facilitate pupil choice and appropriate challenge.

3 Develop the Assessment for Learning strategies including peer and self-assessment and oral feedback ensuring these are acknowledged on pupil’s work.

4 To further improve the quality of interventions for SEN and pupil premium pupils in particular to maximise impact. This to include training for teaching support and develop more robust systems for monitoring impact.

5 To develop a new scheme of work for ICT to enhance teaching, learning and assessment processes in this area.

6 To ensure all staff are clear about the subject expectations for the year group / s in which they teach.

7 Plan for more effective application of skills across the curriculu


Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1 To improve attendance throughout the school.

2 To continue to develop the school’s behaviour zone system to ensure consistency throughout the school.

3 To continue to develop BLP to foster and promote independent learning skills and to record behaviours within SIMs.

4 To develop the use of ‘My Concerns’ software to record a range of behaviours related to individual pupils.

5 Continue to train lunchtime supervisors to support behaviour at lunchtime.

6 Improve pupil understanding of different cultures and current affairs.

7 Develop the Prefect system and pupil peer mentoring within the school


Leadership. Management and Governance

1 Utilise the strengths and skills of all staff to lead and develop others within the school.

2 Develop the influence of the Senior Leadership team within the school by ensuring they have time to work with staff.

3 Ensure governance demonstrates strategic direction and the capacity to improve the school.

4 Develop leadership capacity across the school for aspiring middle and senior leaders.

5 Use coaching to support leadership and management development.

6 Develop the self – assessment processes within the school to ensure they are effective.



1 To ensure the high standards achieved are maintained with 90% + of pupils achieving a Good level of Development.

2 To stabilise staffing within the Foundation Unit as much as possible

3 To develop links with Cheswick Chimps Playgroup and support the development of staff within this facility.

4 To continue to develop both the indoor and outdoor areas which make up the Foundation Unit’s learning environment.

5 To continue to ensure strong partnerships are established with parents of children attending Foundation