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Cheswick GreenPrimary School

Our School Improvement Plan for 2021 - 2022


Key Priorities:

Priority 1

To continue to provide a high level of social and emotional support to meet the group and individual needs of all our pupils, staff and families. This will be part of our school’s long term Recovery Plan following Covid 19 lockdowns and the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

Priority 2

To re-establish parent relationships with the school which have been affected greatly by the extended lockdowns and the subsequent restrictions that were put in place. This to include bringing back Parent Share events, Reading Together, Special assemblies and re-establishing our Parent Teacher Association.

Our approach to Parents Evenings and the start / end to school day to also be considered following learning from the last two years.

Priority 3

To ensure the learning environment within the school continues to be the best it can be for all pupils. Resources such as the computer suite, library, art room and group working spaces to be appropriately managed to the benefit of all pupils.

This to include the management of the learning environment during the expansion of the school if this takes place.

Priority 4

To continue to develop both our immediate and long term Curriculum to include the necessary and appropriate recovery for all our pupils.

To re-establish our assessment processes following the assessing pupil progress approach and including non- written feedback.

To re-establish homestudy following home learning.


In addition we have six focus areas:

Focus 1  -

To continue to follow create safe working practices regarding Covid19 for all working in our school as long as necessary. To ensure these are embedded into the life of the school to ensure both physical health and well-being of the whole school community remains a priority.

Focus 2 -

To continue the development of our SEND provision including the use of effective and timely interventions and training of staff to support this delivery.

To further develop our provision for more-able pupils.

Focus 3 -

To implement the new EYFS curriculum and assessments associated with this.

Focus 4 -

To ensure the general organisational systems within the school particularly for stock, supplies and the photocopier work efficiently for all members of staff.

To create a forward planning diary (actual and electronic) that can be accessed and contributed to by all members of staff.

Focus 5 -

To revisit our Behaviour policy and ensure it continues to meet need. To particularly ensure a consistent approach throughout the school towards both rewards and sanctions and review reward systems.

Focus 6 -

To re-establish all elements of Chimps extended school provision as quickly as possible.

To offer a range of after school sports based clubs for all ages of pupil.