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Cheswick GreenPrimary School

Cheswick Green Primary School

Vision Statement

Cheswick Green Primary School is a caring, happy, safe and stimulating environment which promotes not only the very best inclusive education but also values the social, physical and moral development of each individual child. 

Our school is a welcoming place full of learning, laughter and friendship.

At Cheswick Green Primary School we have an innovative and vibrant curriculum that ensures that the children in our care enjoy the learning process and the rich and exciting experiences we offer. We encourage our children to be curious, confident, challenged and eager to learn more. We want all our pupils to attain and achieve their full potential in becoming life-long learners.

We work hard to give our pupils a strong grounding for future success.

We embrace all learning challenges so that children appreciate that every experience counts and that trying, failing and succeeding are all important to the learning process. Developing resilience and determination is key to being an independent and confident learner.

We believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to discover and develop their unique talents and we will encourage them to express themselves with confidence. Our expectations in all areas of school life are high as we aspire to provide the best start so that all the children in our care will flourish and thrive regardless of their starting point. We work hard to give our pupils a strong grounding for future success.

Communication between all members of our school community will be open and honest. Partnerships with parents, our local collaborative of schools and local businesses will continue to be actively promoted so we are developing our school as a hub for our community.

It is important to us that all of our pupils will become thoughtful, responsible members of the community who are prepared for Modern Britain and have a deep understanding of British Values in addition to having an appreciation of all religions and cultures of the World. Mutual respect is important to ensure the happiness and personal growth of each individual.

We want only the very best for all, in all we do, all of the time.

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