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Cheswick GreenPrimary School


        Simone Seickell 

Phase Leader

       Louise Norton

      Class Teacher


 Emma Mackie 

Class teacher

             Clare Peltiez

Teaching and Learning Support 

         Patricia Leitch

 Teaching and Learning Support

            Julie Kenyon

      Teaching and Learning                 Support



         Angela Pitt

       Teaching and

   Learning Support


         Rebecca Baugh

          Pupil Support



We would like to offer a huge welcome to our children, parents and carers from our dedicated team who work in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

A child's time in Foundation is one of the most important stages in their education. From when a child is born up until the age of 5, their early learning experiences should be happy, active, exciting, fun and secure; and support their development, care and learning needs.

In our stimulating and fabulous setting we ensure we harness a real passion for learning through a play-based curriculum. We ignite the children’s imagination and curiosity through exciting learning themes and actively develop their confidence and independence.  The children particularly enjoy cooking, singing, exploring, playing and getting messy with paint.

We like you to be as involved as possible, so we send home challenges and targets for you to have fun with your child. Your support as parents will support your child to make rapid progress. You can also see what we have been doing on our Blog.

Our aim is for every child to come home from school happy, having had fun learning!


Nursery Curriculum Plan 2021

Birth - 5 years

Early Learning Goals 5 years old


F1 Spring 1 Toys and Games


F2 Spring 1 Toys and Games




Meet the Teacher Presentation 

Phonics Letters and Sounds presentation September