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Cheswick GreenPrimary School

Physical Education and School Games

Physical Education and School Games at Cheswick Green Primary School


What does Physical Education look like at Cheswick Green Primary?

Every class is timetabled to have two hours of P.E. every week. Each week they will do a Games lesson and either Gym or Dance on a half termly rotation.


  • For the Games part of our curriculum we teach REAL P.E.


REAL P.E. is an exciting and engaging skills based curriculum. Using video and teacher led demonstrations, children are taught certain skills each lesson which are then incorporated into fun, interactive games to help consolidate learning.

All skills are based on Agility, Balance and Coordination. There are twelve skills in total, which are broken down into six levels. Starting in Foundation, children will start on the lowest level and work their way up through the levels as they go through school. Regular teacher assessments ensure that children are working at an appropriate level which both supports and challenges them. By the time they reach Year 6 they should be equipped with a range of physical skills to engage in a variety of sports as they move onto Secondary School.

In addition to these physical skills, REAL P.E. also recognises the benefit of focussing on other areas, including; personal, social, cognitive, creative, and health and fitness. Each half term, lessons are directed towards a different one of these areas, which helps children to develop resilience, confidence and the ability to work effectively as part of a team.


  • For the Gym part of our curriculum we teach REAL Gym


REAL Gym is similar to REAL P.E. in that it is based on skill progression. Themed warm-ups with background music and video demonstrations provide an engaging environment for children to learn a range of complex gymnastic skills. These include the key areas of travel, rotation, flight, balance and shape. Over the course of a three week unit children will have the opportunity to practise these skills firstly on mats, then using hand and low equipment before finally using the higher equipment.


  • For the Dance part of our curriculum we teach Dance Notes


As a school we follow a creative curriculum, so where possible, the Dance units link directly to the current year group topic. Children get to experience different cultures, types of music and historical settings through the variety of units we teach. At the end of a unit we encourage the children to perform their Dances to other classes to celebrate the work they have done.


What does School Games look like at Cheswick Green Primary?


Over the past two years we have achieved Gold in the School Games Mark.

Within school we organise different events to enable children to compete against each other. In Key Stage 2, at the end of each half term, children take part in Intra-Sports. Mixed year group teams compete against each other in a variety of sports and then the winning team and the team that demonstrate school games values are celebrated in Business Assembly. At the end of the year we also hold a School Games Day.

As a school we subscribe to South Solihull Schools Partnership, which means that we take part in a range of events outside of school. In Key Stage 2 all classes take part in an Inter-School competition:

Year 3 – Tri- Golf Festival

Year 4 – Chance to Shine Cricket Competition

Year 5 – Chance to Shine Cricket Competition

Year 6 – Tag Rugby Festival

In addition to these whole class events we also take groups of children to Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 Cheerleading Festivals, Cross Country, Dodgeball Festival, Netball Skills Competition, Primary Netball Competition, Netball League, Football League, Inclusion Boccia & Archery, Dance Festival and Borough Athletics.

These events cater for differing sporting abilities and interests, so there is something to suit everyone! Our children really enjoy representing our school at these events. It’s always fantastic to hear how our teams and individuals have got on. Please follow us on twitter to hear our latest results!

Extra-Curricular Opportunities at Cheswick Green Primary

As well as before and after school clubs run by external providers, please click on the Before and After School Clubs blog for further information, there are a variety of extra-curricular opportunities available for children organised by school staff.

Football team

Mr Smith runs the Football team who train on a Friday lunchtime. Trials for the school team take place at the start of the academic year for children in Years 5 & 6. Matches take place after school during the Autumn and Spring term. Please click on the Football blog for further information.

Netball team

Mrs Brook and Mrs Ellis run the Netball team who train on a Thursday after school. Children from Years 3 to 6 are welcome to attend but only children in Years 5 & 6 can compete in matches and competitions. Matches and competitions take place during Autumn and Spring term. Please click on the Netball blog for further information.

Lunchtime clubs

Mr Smith runs a Lunchtime club from 12:45-1:15pm on a Monday to Thursday for all Key Stage 2 classes. Activities include Orienteering, Football, Basketball, and Multi-Sports.

Yoga club

In the Spring term Mrs Gilham our SENDCo runs a Yoga club during lunchtime.

Active 30 at Cheswick Green Primary

We encourage all of our children to be physically active as it has positive effects on both their mental and physical well-being. At school we promote Active 30, which is 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Each class has a class chart which is filled in by the Sports Council whenever their class do any physical activity. This can include BBC Supermovers, the Daily Mile, Learning walks and any other activities where the children are moving around. At the end of each week, the class who have been the most active are announced in Business Assembly. The class who have won the most times over a term earn an active treat!

Cheswick Green Primary Sports Council

Each year, four children from each class in Key Stage 2 are chosen to become part of the Sports Council. Along with Mrs Brook and Mr Smith they meet once every half term to discuss their ideas about P.E. and School Games in our school. They feed back on what they enjoy and voice their ideas about what they would like to see included in the future. They are responsible for thinking of ideas for our half termly “Personal Challenge”. This is a sporting lunchtime activity that they organise, with support from Mr Smith. They prepare, set up, record results and identify winners from the children who have taken part, who then are announced in Business Assembly. Please click on the Sports Council blog for further information.